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New to this thread? No problem! Here is everything you need to know about the goat.

Who is velvetgh0st?
Gabriella Lindley is a popular Youtuber. She has lied about her name multiple times & even made a video confessing that she lied about her name on Instagram (the video has since been deleted). She has claimed to have been called Aria/Kimberly/Gee/Dolly/Gabriana/Gabriella Sassoon to name a few. She also said she does not have a middle name in a video (although her middle name is Rose).

How did she get so popular?
She was popular on Instagram & had 40k followers where she posted floral & pastel themed pictures. The majority of her followers on Youtube came from Instagram. She then used popular Youtubers for more subscribers (Becca & Zoella).

Where is she from?
She currently lives in Brighton but she’s from Sheffield. She claims that she lived in the middle of nowhere in the countryside but this isn’t true. She also claimed on Instagram that she lived in Chelsea but this is another lie. Her bio on Twitter also said that she lived in London but she has never lived there.

Does Gabby work? How does she earn money?
She used to be a carer for her nan when she started Youtube although that wasn’t “cool enough” for her image so she started telling everyone that her job is a secret. Now she makes money strictly from her Youtube videos and is a full-time attention seeker. Some think she may be living off her nans inheritance money although this is a rumour and has not been confirmed.

What happened with Becca Rose (voussontbeauetbelle)?
No one really knows what happened. They met once before deciding they were going to move to London to live together. They were ‘best friends’ & met up and made a few videos together when Gabby suddenly took the ‘Rose’ out of her name on Youtube and said it was becoming generic (a dig at Becca). They stopped speaking & Gabby deleted their videos they had made together and said she was no longer moving to London. She also removed Becca from her favourites list on her Youtube channel. Becca has remained silent on the whole situation whereas Gabby makes in-direct digs on Twitter now and again. When asked what happened to their friendship, Gabby said they “were never friends”.

How does she know Zoella?
Gabby has been obsessed with Zoella since before she started Youtube. She would constantly tweet her & interact with her, although Zoe didn’t respond initially. Gabby decided to move to Brighton on a whim (she had never been there before in her life) and Gabby & her fans let Zoe know she was moving there. Zoe met up with her when Gabby went to Brighton for the first time. They have been “friends” since although some claim they are using each other. Gabby constantly makes bitchy remarks on her Tumblr about Zoe & there’s speculation to whether they are still “friends”.

What’s all this about her promoting self-harm?
Gabby claims to have been self-harming all her life and that it’s “a part of who she is”. Back when she started Youtube, she made a separate Twitter account (that was set on private) where she wrote about her self-harming & starving herself and encouraged it. She had a conversation with a girl who was around 14 who was looking for advice and Gabby told her where the best place to self-harm was in order to keep it hidden and how to cut deep enough so that it hurts but is not dangerous.
Gabby posted a snapchat of her washing up with obvious red marks on her arms that looked like scars. She made a reference to self-harming again and how she’s always had scars, yet the scars are not noticeable in any of her videos or pictures. The “scars” haven’t been seen since.
According to Gabby, her mother knows that she self-harms and she “makes jokes about it”.

Is it true Gabby bullied someone?
Gabby & a few others bullied a girl on Instagram to the point where she ended up getting deleting her accounts. The girl was pretty popular on Instagram and Gabby & some others started a hate campaign against her. She encouraged all her Instagram follows to bully her & the girl was only 14/15 at the time (Gabby was 18). They even tweeted the girls mother who claimed to have gotten the police involved but as far as we know nothing came of it. As soon as the police were involved, Gabby and the others deleted all the evidence. This was before her youtube ‘fame’ when she was just popular on Instagram.

What’s the deal with the weight loss?
Gabby claimed to have lost all the weight through the help of a dietician, although she has made multiply claims that she actually starved herself. She constantly talks about how she ‘forgot to eat’ and claims to eat nothing but fruit. She also recommended people to skip meals & starve themselves on her private Twitter account. She claimed that she drinks 2 glasses of orange juice a day with no food. Someone told her she shouldn’t starve herself of food and Gabby got defensive and replied that it’s how she’s lost 6.5 stone.
She constantly posts unhealthy food on her accounts (McDonalds, Starbucks etc.) and one time when she “forgot to eat”, Zoella called her out on it and said she had cake.

Why was Gabby in the hospital? What did she lie about?
Check out this post here which sums up nicely what she lied about: viewtopic.php?p=1335992#p1335992
No one knows for sure what exactly Gabby was in hospital for but one thing is certain is that she lied about the situation & duped her fans for sympathy. There were multiple inconsistencies in her story which is where some people started to notice that things didn’t quite add up. It was NOT an emergency why she was in hospital but she led fans to believe that it was & that she was fainting every time she stood up which is why she had been taken to hospital (even though she took a taxi there).

What is the situation with Gabby’s family?
Gabby’s dad is gay & she has known since she was 11. She is constantly rude about her dad on social media and claims that he only thinks about himself & not her. Gabby’s dad still lives at home with her mother & brother and Gabby has said he has a boyfriend which causes problems for them. Gabby asked her dad to pay for singing lessons for her and he said no. She then tweeted “My dad won’t pay for singing lessons because there’s nothing in it for him”, “I wish you could choose family” & “The second we sell this house and get rid of my dad will be the best day of my life”. Some other tweets she’s made about her dad include “Wish I had a lovely dad who gave a shit about his kids instead of only thinking about himself and his lover boy” & “Most selfish person I know”. Once Gabby’s dad wouldn’t drive her to a singing lesson and she went on a Twitter rant about how selfish he is.

Gabby joked about her nan in hospital after she had a stroke (which affected her speech) by saying she spoke completely jibberish & referred to her as a minion from Despicable Me. She also posted pictures of her nan in hospital on Twitter (right after she had a stroke). When her nan died, she complained about having to go back to Sheffield for the funeral because “she won’t be able to vlog”.

Her brother has called her out about her attention seeking a few times. If you follow her brother on Twitter you will see he's just as bad as Gabby with his racist & sexist remarks, but this thread isn't about him. Gabby has often tweeted bitchy things about her brother (mainly on her private Twitter).

It’s no secret that Gabby treats her mum (Jane) like shit. She has referred to her as a dog & a peasant and treats Jane like she is her personal maid. She uses Jane as her own personal taxi and gets her to drive from Sheffield to Brighton and back (an 8 hour trip) to help with mundane tasks or to pick her up (instead of Gabby catching a train). When Gabby’s nan died, Jane travelled all the way down to Gabby who just spent time with Zoe instead (it was Jane’s mother who died). There is a LOT of instances where she is shit-talking about her mother, you can find most of it on her Tumblr account.

She said that her family don’t think about what they say & are extremely judgemental. She also said they all take their aggression out on her. She constantly claims she is not close to her family, despite saying her mother is more like a friend. Another tweet she made about her family: “Jesus Christ, who needs family anyway? Bunch of idiots”. She often posts bitchy comments about her family but is quick to delete them as her mother & brother both use Twitter. She mainly uses Tumblr as a platform to write about her family as they won't see it.

Illnesses/Allergies/Diseases/Disorders that Gabby claims to have:
• Allergic to dogs.
• Allergic to cats.
• Allergic to eyeshadow.
• Lactose intollerant.
• Anxiety.
• Depression.
• Dyslexia.
• Claustrophobia.
• Insomnia.
• Panic attacks.
• OCD.

Gabby is constantly contradicting herself & lies about her interests to suit whoever she is trying to suck up to at the time. Some examples include:
• Slating One Direction constantly on Twitter about how terrible they are, then suddenly she is a huge fan of them (like most of the Gleam team) and jumps at the chance to go to their concert.
• According to Gabby, she has always hated Christmas but since meeting Zoe she suddenly loves it. A few people called her out about her new found love for Christmas on Twitter & Youtube and she promptly took down all her decorations saying that “she still hates Christmas” and that she did it for the fans. She also bought a Christmas jumper in February & wore one during the summer.
• She claims to hate it when Youtubers don’t reply to comments - “Do you not appreciate your subscribers?” yet she doesn’t reply to her own.
• Gabby constantly claims that she does not watch British Youtubers, only to Snapchat/Tweet/Instagram about watching one the next day.
• She claims that people are constantly using her, yet she herself has used Youtubers to elevate her ‘fame’.
• Claims to be lactose intolerant yet she eats cheese, cream & other dairy products daily.
• Disagreed with everyone doing the Ice Bucket Challenge because she said it was a waste of water. Did it herself a week later for the money.
• She stated in a TMI video that she had never been in a relationship or been through a breakup, yet on her tumblr she wrote how she’s been in a few relationships with one being a year long.
• She tweeted “I’d hate to be one of those girls who strut around with Chanel/Dior etc. bags and think they’re better than everyone else”,when she was parading around a fake Celine bag. She later bought herself a Mulberry bag.
• Gabby said she was never a fan of Harry Potter & she doesn’t like it because it’s overrated. As soon as she realises Zoe loves Harry Potter, Gabby constantly references it, buys a Hogwarts jumper and was going to dress as a Harry Potter character for Halloween.
• Gabby claimed to hate New York & thought it was overrated, now she’s looking to move there soon.
• She stated that she doesn’t like drinking but posts on Twitter pretending to be drunk.
• Gabby has said that she hates clubbing because it gives her social anxiety & then asked for club recommendations on Twitter a week later.

Other notable lies & mentions:
• She doesn’t disclose sponsorships or freebies in her youtube videos. This is now illegal in the UK but Gabb thinks she’s above the law.
• She bought a fisheye camera to film videos with (just weeks after buying a new DSLR) but received comments on her video from fans that they preferred her old style of filming. Gabby got angry and blamed the viewers for her spending £300+ on a brand new camera.
• As soon as she started getting popular on Youtube, she unfollowed everyone on Instagram & cut contact with the few friends she had. Some of the popular Instagram girls she was friends with that had helped promote her youtube were removed from her channel recommendations and she blocked them on Instagram.
• She bitched constantly on her private Twitter about how she has no friends even though she was the one who cut them out because she was too ‘famous' for them & felt like they were using her (even though they were the ones who helped her become popular).
• She constantly uses click-bait titles to get views on youtube. Some examples include: ‘Going on Big Brother’, ‘Quitting my channel’, ‘Leaving Youtube’, ’I’m pregnant’ etc. You get the idea.
• She claims to make Youtube videos for the fans when she’s obviously in it for the ‘fame’ and the money. She advised fans against skipping the ads at the start of her videos because then she won’t get any money.
• Claimed her Celine bag is real & deleted any comments that said otherwise. She finally admitted it was fake a few months later.
• Similarly she claimed that her make-up bag was Marc Jacobs when it was actually Ted Baker.
• She Tweeted about how she’s poor & has no money yet she bought 3 brand new cameras, expensive makeup & Apple products.
• She would constantly flaunt her wealth on Twitter & tweet about how much all her things cost.
• Complains about having no money & being poor and claims she’s too stingy to buy Christmas presents. She then buys her mother a half price bun tin for Christmas & a Michael Kors watch for herself. She also bought an iMac a few weeks before.
• She once had a tantrum and threw noodles all over the floor & posted a picture of it on Twitter with the caption “Don’t piss me off or I’ll throw the nearest thing” (She was 19, almost 20 at the time).
• Gabby decided to be vegetarian for a while to stop herself from eating Frazzles (which are suitable for vegetarians), she then spent the whole phase eating marshmallows, bacon, fish & other foods that were not suitable for vegetarians.
• Claims to be allergic to cats (even though she has one). She also took her brand new dog back after a week of having it because she was allergic to that too, went to Crufts a few weeks later.
• She ruined her hair herself. It was supposed to be a pastel pink colour but went it wrong so she claimed it was an ‘April Fools prank’. She later wrote on Twitter hairdresser recommendations to colour her hair because of a previous bad experience (with an unnatural colour) even though she dyed it herself.
• Someone was kind enough to make her a new banner on Youtube. She tweeted about how much she loved it and then removed it a few hours later & deleted the tweet.
• Gabby was sponsored by Boohoo to wear their clothes at the One Direction concert. She claimed the stuff they sent her was too big & instead of exchanging it or picking something else, she wore her own clothes. Boohoo paid for her to go to the concert (VIP).
• She posted all over Twitter making fun of an elderly lady in hospital with her nan who had shit herself.
• Complained about waiters getting tips & said you shouldn’t have to pay someone more to do their job.
• Zoe told Gabby she was tired and fell asleep on the sofa, not taking the hint Gabby overstayed her welcome and took pictures of Zoe while she was sleeping.
• Fans started ‘shipping’ her with Alfie’s friend Chai & she was re-tweeting them constantly. She was also searching through the #Chabby hashtag that fans made and sending the pictures to Chai. When they finally met, they hardly spoke & then Chai unfollowed her on Twitter not long after. She unfollowed him back once a fan pointed it out and made in-direct tweets about him.
• She favourited tweets of other girls and encourages ganging up & bullying someone that disagreed with her.
• Gabby calls herself an atheist yet has Buddha decorations in her house.
• She claims that her eyesight is so bad that she can’t learn to drive (even though you can be blind in one eye and drive just fine in the UK).
• She met some guy online and said he was her boyfriend and that they had been together for ages, despite posting contradicting tweets about how she's been single for ages and that her mother suspecting a boyfriend is laughable. Gabby claimed they were in an on/off relationship although she never mentioned him or tweeted him (his profile was full of tweets to random girls). Gabby got really clingy and defensive on his instagram pictures if other girls commented, and she ranted on her private Twitter account about him cheating on her. This was an online relationship & when they finally met she never mentioned him again & blocked him on Twitter. She later claimed she was catfished.
• She complained that a waiter asked her why she hadn’t finished her food & stated she wanted to throw her food at him.
• Gabby took photos of a stranger she found “hot” in a restaurant and posted it on Twitter.
• She has tweeted about singing as loud as she can in her flat at 3am and other ridiculous times. (In the UK, noise laws mean that you should reduce noise after 11pm).
• Gabby is pretty anti-education and thinks university is a waste of time & money. She has said that “education isn’t the only way to success”, which can send out the wrong message to her younger viewers. She also wanted to be a vet at some point but stated that it was “too much work”.
• A few of her viewers have admitted that they are afraid to talk to her as she’s notorious for being rude to fans and causing her minions to attack them.
• She constantly bullies her fans and gets her minions to fight her battles for her.
• Gabby is always deleting her tweets to hide any evidence of her being rude. Recently she de-activated her Twitter for attention & once she came back, she wiped her Twitter clean.

Gabby blocks the majority of her fans.
• Blocked a fan for asking when she’ll be uploading her next video.
• Blocked a fan for asking why she pre-films videos.
• Blocks any fans that ask her to check out their blog/Youtube/Instagram.
• Gabby has mistaken fans defending her for those who ‘hate’ on her & has blocked them.
• She’s also blocked fans who asked why she blocked someone.
• She blocked fans that ‘spoiled’ her TV shows for her, even though the topics were trending on Twitter at the time.
• She claims to welcome constructive criticism but blocks anyone that offers it.
• Gabby will block anyone that tweets/favourites/re-tweets with one of her ‘haters’, even if they don’t say anything bad about Gabby themselves.
• She claimed to have blocked over 300 people in one day and stated they were all haters who were ‘over 25’. If you look through Twitter, she rarely receives any of this so-called hate (before all the hospital scandal).

You can find all the relevant screenshots & evidence by looking through her threads on Guru Gossip. This is just a summary post of everything for newbies or those who are starting to doubt her.
Most of the screenshots provided have since deleted by Gabby, too bad you can’t delete a screenshot huh Gabb?

If there's anything I've missed then feel free to let me know so I can add it!

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“Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Regina George,” Gabby said in her new “Honesty” video, referring to herself as Regina.

Gabriella’s apology comes after Primark received backlash for announcing a branded homeware line with Gabby. Commenters all over the internet branded her a “bully” and a “bad role model” – and therefore, a dangerous choice for a brand collaboration.

Now, eager to shake the negative stigma attached to her reputation, Gabby has finally spoken out.

In her video, she also spilled about the situation with Alfie Deyes and girlfriend Zoella – as well as what’s going on with Hobbie Stuart.

Gabriella Apologizes for Offending Fans: “I Have Grown up a Lot”

Gabby, who is known to be very controversial on Twitter due to her unfiltered personality and messy tweets – apologized to fans.

“I just want to say a massive sorry to anyone who I have ever offended. If I have said one comment that has ever offended you, or if I continue to say things that really offend you. I’m really sorry about it.”

“I get a lot of tweets and stuff with screenshots… that I posted two years ago when I was 18 and I didn’t know how the internet worked.”

“I had a lot of strong opinions, probably more strong than I do now. I was so unhappy within myself that I was so miserable. And all of my tweets were like down and depressive. And not very nice to read.”

“I am not the same person. It is kind of upsetting that people judge me nowadays for the person that I was two years ago.”

“I have grown up a lot. I am still going to muck up sometimes because I am just a human.”

Gabby Explains Her Reputation for Blocking Fans on Twitter, Pledges to Unblock You If You Comment

Gabby, who is known for liberally blocking fans and haters, has even earned the nickname “Velvetbl0cked” – with entire Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram accounts dedicated to her blocking habits.

“Another thing that I wanted to touch on, was blocking people. Obviously, I am known as The Blocker. The one who blocks people. I don’t do that to be mean, or to be malicious in any way.”

“If you think I have unnecessarily blocked you, please can you leave your Twitter below. I will try and unblock people.”

Gabby Confirms She Fell out With Alfie Deyes Over That Vessel Disagreement

You can read more about how Gabriella called people who signed up for Vessel “disgusting and money-grubbing” – which prompted Alfie to defend his friends.

“As you might have seen, we have differing views on the app that is called Vessel.”

“I really don’t like it, I am very against it. I don’t think it is a good thing.”

“Myself and Alfie had a bit of disagreement on Twitter.”

“We don’t hate each other…at least from my end, I don’t hate him. We just had a disagreement, that’s all!”

“We are not these enemies…none of us were being mean to each other.”

She begged fans to stop asking her about it. “It’s so irrelevant to anything in my life.”

Gabby Apologizes to Zoella: “I Do Miss You”

“What happened with you and Zoe? Did you have a falling out or did you just grow apart?”

“I don’t think there has been anything definitive. There has not been a massive argument or like a massive this or that. I think some people just grow apart.”

“I have tweeted things in the past that are not about Zoe and Alfie, and viewers have kind of made them about Zoe and Alfie…started to p*** me off a bit.”

“To be honest, I’m kind of upset about me and Zoe’s friendship. Because we were so close at one point.”

“I had classed her as my absolute best friend. She was the first person that welcomed me…I didn’t have friends, really, until I met Zoe…I got a best friend for once in my life.”

“Part of the reason why we are maybe not so close now, is probably my fault. It’s not nice to know that you’re the reason that a friendship has ended.”

She also mentioned that she did not use Zoella for subscribers, like many fans accuse her of doing. “That affected me so much…I just want her friendship. That made me think that Zoe thought that about me.”

“It is just a friendship I wish I could get back. Zoe, I don’t know if you are watching this, but, yes, I do miss you. And I am sorry for distancing myself and maybe not being the best friend at times.”

Gabriella on Her Relationship Status With Hobbie Stuart: “I Am Completely Happy Being Single”

“I am completely happy being single. I have been with a couple of people in the past. I need to be happy in myself, before I get into a relationship.”

In related news, Hobbie Stuart auditioned for X Factor UK this year, and got media attention for flirting with judges Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Rita Ora.

“Hey, Hobs, if you’re watching. Hobbie is a very good looking guy. He’s so nice as well. He is one of the best people that I know.”

She revealed that she assumed he had ulterior motives when they first met. “I thought that he didn’t want to meet me to be friends.”

“Why does this hot guy want to talk to me?”

“The second time we met, I kissed him. I love him so much, and I am going to get emotional.”

“No, I don’t fancy Hobbie. He is a very good looking guy.”

“I owe him a lot of my happiness. He’s always there for me.”

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