Essay On My Ambition In Life For Class 10

Essay No. 01

Ambition of my life

            My ambition of life is to become a doctor. I have taken up science and hygiene as optional subjects. When I joint college, I shall take up medical group. I shall appear in the P.M.T. examination to qualify for joining a Medical College. After passing  the P.M.T., I shall join the medical college to become a doctor.

            I do not want to be clerks. This line does not suit me. This work is tiring. A clerk has to sit and lean on the table from morning till evening. His work is very her. He hardly makes both ends meet.

            I do not want to be a teacher. Teachers have not much respect in these days. His lot is very hard. He is low paid and over worked. He lives from hand to mouth. Ti make this early living he has Torun after tuitions. This is really degrading. Engineering line is certainly good, but I have no lik8ing for mathematics which is an essential subject to be an Engineer.

            Law is not a paying profession these days. There is keen competition It is also over crowded. In very village, Panchayats are elected, and most of the cases are settled there. In future, lawyers will get a few cases only. So there is no use to pass law.

            I would like to be a doctor. My country has become free, Government has decided to uproot the diseases from the country and improve the health of the people. Hospitals are being opened for this purpose. There is great demand for doctor. Taking all these things into consideration. I have made up mind to become a doctor.


Essay No. 02

My Ambition in Life

Everybody has an ambition in his life. Life without an ambition does not lead anywhere. You  do not know where to go and what to do. A person with a set ambitions sets his goals will in advance. He does not lead astray. His eyes are always on his ultimate goal. He cannot be mislead by other temptations. He is master of his luck. He does not believe in destiny. He works very hard. His energy does not go waste. He goes on and on forcefully. His health does not fail him. Failures do not change his mood to change  his track.   

Ambition is a great incentive to work. If you have an ambition, you can pursue it all your life and never feel tired. It drives you on and on quite tirelessly. You must decide early in life whether you want to become an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, banker, join Indian Administrative Service, or Indian Foreign Service, join Army, Air Force or Navy or become a commercial pilot, or a scientist, philosopher, writer or a poet, a musician or an artist. The whole world is open before a young man and he should make up his mind about his career as early as possible.


Essay No. 03



Every person should set ambition, because without ambition life would be meaningless. It would be just passing of time. Ambition makes life challenging and challenges make life interesting. Ambition has been the backbone of every army! Through those great ancient Egyptian wars, through Persia, through Hastings, through Waterloo, through the native American, greedy colonist battles, through the world-wars, through the Balkans, and through every other great conflict that has ever existed each party was blessed by pure and passionate ambition…ambition to win at whatever cost necessary. Surely only the collective force of ambition found in a battle is liable to cause as much suffering and damage as has been caused by all battles that have ever been lost or won? Even the weakest, most injured warrior who persevered has been touched not by insanity, but by raw ambition, and even the most perturbed and exasperated warlord is supported not by his schemes, but by the ambition to realize them. Ambition is the source of all that is good and all that is evil! It makes the wonders and it makes the wars. Ambition is the winner and loser of every game! Every footballer, every chess player, every marathon runner, every duck-legged Olympic walker smells of fervor, which seeps from the pores of their ambition. When years of dedication pass the baton to ambition, there is a sage to be reckoned with. One only wonders why in spite of the eternal paradoxical query, “What would happen if an irresistible force met with an irresistible force?” Someone always has to lose? Ambition makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise! Doesn’t it? Observe this immortal quotation of Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can or you think you cannot, you are right” The truth he successfully conveys is that we are the scribes of our own destiny. It is ambition that makes us think we can be successful, and lack of ambition that makes us think we cannot. Ambition and luck are both arch-enemies and best of friends. Ambition is a pain in the neck! It is the finger that sets the alarm for 6 am, the fingers that turn the cold key of the cold car on a cold morning. It compels us to do what we’d really rather put off until tomorrow, it slaps the wrist of apathy. Ambition is the sole witness at the sepulcher of the “unsuccessful at everything”. You see, ambitious tears only fall from a fountain of youth—so they’ll kiss the piled soil, make it wet, and whisper with complacence, “I made you successful at being unsuccessful”. Because ambition never likes to give in.


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Subject: My Ambition in life
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I always wondered what I want to become. My choices always changed from time to time- from Army Man to Police to Engineer to Doctor. But all that changed the day I saw the news about the success of Indias’Mangalyaan Mars mission. It was an inspiring moment when our honourable Prime Minister declared to the nation that the mission was successful.The scenes of our scientists in ISRO celebrating excited me. It was a moment of pride when India received appreciation from all over the world.  Since then I believe that my life’s mission is to become a scientist.  My dad and Mum was also happy hearing it from me.

The life of a Scientist is both thrilling and exciting.A scientist is always engaged in a quest to explore new knowledge and discoveries. I believe that a scientist can serve the society and help to empower the poorest of the poor. A Scientist can help farmers to develop new seeds and fertilisers, Can help patients with better medicine and new treatments -making it affordable, Can help poor children with new technologies for their education, Can develop new clean technologies for power this world thereby bringing down pollution in this world. I got mesmerised by the life stories of Indian Science pioneers like Sir CV Raman, J.C Bose, Srinivasan Ramanujan and Satyedranath Bose. While CV Raman won the Nobel prize in Physics, JC Bose invented the wireless transmission which revolutionised the world. Srinivasan Ramanujan’s mathematical discoveries are still actively researched by scientists all around the word and Satyendra Bose invented BOSON , the god particle . More important, I believe that a scientist can solve many challenges the world is facing right now. In fact, the rapid growth in science and technology will be the key driving force in our progress , making this world safer for our future generations.

I am fully aware that I have to study hard and should do a lot of hard work and dedication to become a scientist. But I am determined to face those challenges. I always pray to god to give me strength and courage and motivation to work hard so that I can make my dreams come true and serve my country.




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