Metode Case Study Adalah Chocolate

“Swiss-made” is a sign of quality around the world. The flag of the alpine republic is associated with values such as tradition, reliability, pragmatism and common images such as the Matterhorn, precise timekeeping devices and – of course – chocolate “made in Switzerland”. Chocolat Frey AG, based in Buchs, Aargau, is a large manufacturer of this sweet temptation. The independent subsidiary of the Migros cooperative society has recently expanded production of Neapolitans, the little chocolates that are in strong demand internationally. Together with project partner Loesch Verpackungstechnik GmbH in Altendorf, Frey implemented a space-saving and efficient packaging solution for the “petit chocolat suisse”.

It is rare for visitors to an industrial production facility to have their senses tickled in the car park outside the plant premises. At Chocolat Frey AG in Switzerland, however, it’s quite normal. The visitor to Buchs in Aargau will immediately notice the chocolatey aroma wafting in the air. People of all ages appear magically drawn to the chocolatier’s visitor centre, which opened in 2014. We are welcomed at the stylish reception by Manfred Leuenberger, Technology Team Leader, Confectionery at Chocolat Frey, with a warm smile and a firm handshake. He invites us on a tour of the plant with a chance to see the new Neapolitans production line. The near 2400 articles on the present-day production schedule are predominantly made for Migros cooperatives, to which Chocolat Frey belongs since 1950, and sold in their branches. Frey also supplies to catering businesses, bulk customers and downstream industries. “In 2014, over 43,000 tons of chocolate, confectionery, semifinished products and chewing gum rolled off the production line in Buchs,” says Leuenberger as he dons his protective clothing to enter the production building. “This allowed Chocolat Frey to generate an impressive annual revenue of 404 million Swiss francs. Of this sum, exports accounted for 138 million.” On the domestic market, the company is the leading chocolate producer with a 35.4 market share, according to the “Chocosuisse” information service. Chewing gum makes up around 10 percent of total revenue. Products made by Chocolat Frey are sold in over 50 countries on five continents: “The foreign market is now our main driver of growth.”, says Leuenberger. Continuously growing demand means Chocolat Frey has had to ramp up production. “Years before we took the decision to invest, our two Neapolitans production lines were already running at maximum capacity,” says Leuenberger. The age of the existing equipment meant that a simple expansion was out of the question. The company decided for a new molding unit with a powerful packaging system and took in 2013 the decision to make the necessary investment.

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